Ryan Nell interviewed on A Way to Live Well podcast

In June, our founder Ryan Nell sat down with Ana Maria Conneely, the host of A Way to Live Well, to chat about his personal journey from advertising exec to meditation teacher.

In this candid and wide-ranging conversation, we get deep into what it means to build a career with meaning. We discuss the bumpy world of building a startup, the controversial question of what is and isn’t meditation, where mindfulness fits in, the surprising scientific benefits of meditation, how to keep a regular practice going, and much much more.

Have a listen on any of the usual platforms (spotify, iTunes, Android, etc) and let us know what you liked.

Acknowledgements and shout outs to:

My teacher Davidji without which none of this would be possible. My hero Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder of Unplug Meditation in LA where I trained, my confidant and advisor Chloe Tupper, my friends and supporters (you know who you are), and of course all of the students and Levitate community who give the struggle meaning :)