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drop in, float out

  • We teach meditation & mindfulness for the modern world

    We won’t confuse you with a whole load of talk about chakras. Instead, we teach meditation and mindfulness, backed up by the latest science, to give you the tools you need to navigate the world of today. Meditation isn’t about retreating from the world and escaping to a luxury resort, it is about learning how to embrace real life, in all its messiness. Starting in our own community.

  • We exist to lift Londoners up high above the pressures of modern life

London is intense! There, we said it. Our group meditation classes give you the opportunity to experience the deep relaxation of meditating in a group, meet like-minded Londoners, and be part of a community of people seeking to carve out some calm in this crazy city.

  • We are a meditation studio with a difference

    Levitate HQ is hosted at Yogarise Peckham, which means your classes take place in a gorgeous high-ceilinged, wood floored studio with incredible natural light. It also means that you can top and tail our classes with yoga from some of the UK’s best teachers, or if you are after culture, food or caffeine, the local area has dozens of incredible options to explore. We teach classes at Yoke Dalston, FRAME Farringdon, and soon we’ll be coming to a studio near you. We also offer classes, courses and talks at workplaces across the city. You work hard, so we’ll save you time by coming to you.

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