We have a website! Now we just need to find a venue to call home...

Hello early bird. We are thrilled to meet you! 

Our first major achievement is the website that you have stumbled upon. Go us!

Coming soon, we will be detailing our journey on the way to having a brand new secular, drop-in meditation studio in the heart of London. We haven't done this before, so we will be finding out how to start a business as we go!

First things first - we are looking for a central London location (so that it is easy for you to reach us), but for a relatively un-central rent (so that we don't go bust before you sit our first class).

If you can help, or just want to know more, please get in touch!

Sending you love,

Ryan and the Levitators


(PS. Follow us on Medium as we chart the inevitable missteps and blind alleys of us starting a business)