Levitate Ledger: The Inaugural Issue

Friday, 31 August 2018.   Issue 1.

The Levitate Ledger: Launch Issue

There ain't nothing like a cliff top photo op to instil zen-like calm in our editor.

There ain't nothing like a cliff top photo op to instil zen-like calm in our editor.

Letter from the editor:

Looking back at the last month, it has been a pretty exciting journey for Levitate. From launching on August 1st at the incredible Yogarise Peckham, with lots of friends dropping in across the opening weekend, to our getting into the swing of weekly classes and starting to welcome some repeat clients to the studio, there has never been a dull moment!

I am very excited about where we've been and where we are headed, but most of all I've been feeling incredibly grateful for you early adopters, who have kept me (calmly) believing that levitation is possible, and that Levitate can, should and will continue to exist and grow.

I believe this will be achieved day by day, and month by month, not through magic, or through any one person's efforts, but through the combined belief and goodwill of this community of wonderful individuals.

So, here's to another 31 days!


Some highlights from the past month:

Poster pasting is go!

Poster pasting is go!

We've signed up to ClassPass ("the Netflix of fitness"!) as a premium wellness member to give you more ways to access our classes.

We've listed our events on Meetup.com and Facebook to increase discoverability.

We've dipped our toes into the institution that is the East Dulwich Forum and we've made our first few forays into courting the press.

We've taught a few more co-working space gigs at Google Campus London up in Old Street, for our friends at Elevate, and are looking to branch out into more of that in the coming months.

We've bought our first ad spaces in the hyper-local Peckham Peculiar, Dulwich Diverter and the achingly cool South East London Journal (watch out for those in October).

And as per the above photo, we've flyered and postered our way the length and breadth of Peckham and have started limbering up to do the same in the rest of SE London... Camberwell, East Dulwich and Nunhead here we come!

A look to tomorrow!

Camberwell Fair.jpg

We're delighted to be taking part in the annual Camberwell Fair tomorrow (this Saturday) 12-9pm. If you're in the area, do stop by and admire our stand, drop in for a chat and a chocolate meditation (or a glass of cider from a neighbouring stall).

We are somewhat assured that what Ryan's stall lacks in thrills, it will more than be compensated for by the fabulous acts on the mainstage, and drinks and food from his fellow stallholders! 

An attempt to predict the future...

Tea Leaves.jpg

The feedback we've been getting from people who've attended a class has been fantastic (thanks for all those 5 star reviews). However the challenge for us is reaching a lot more people, so that the classes you attend are full to the brim. That would let us add more teachers and more class times to the schedule, and get a little closer to our dream of having a fully functioning studio.

We know that the benefits of meditation aren't instant, but instead are arrived at through the establishment of a solid practice. We think this is only likely to be achieved with the guidance of a teacher, and the support of a group.

So we want to find out what would encourage you to come again and again. Would it be better class times, or more meditation styles, or a good old fashioned offer or loyalty programme? Let us know! And if you have attended, please look out for an email from us with a few questions in the next few weeks.